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Everything you need to know about payment protection insurance

PPI stands for payment protection insurance. It was introduced to cover loan and credit card repayments if you became unemployed, sick or involved in an accident. The form of insurance is not a bad product, but several banks and lenders have been mis selling PPI, often by telling their customers it was compulsory.

How banks and lenders mis sold PPI

Sales staff and advisors were under huge pressure to sell PPI wherever and however possible. Many policies sold were potentially worthless to the average customer, as strict terms and conditions made it impossible for them to claim, whatever their situation. Banks and lenders sold the insurance by either giving false information about what the policy covered, suggesting customers would not receive their loan or credit card without the insurance, or adding the insurance to the customers loan without their consent or knowledge.

How do I know if I have been mis sold PPI?

If you have been sold payment protection insurance, its important to ask yourself if you really needed it. Look through all your insurance and loan paperwork, decide whether the policy is right for you and consider whether youd be able to make a claim.

If you are still unsure on whether or not you were mis sold PPI, there are many claims management companies who can help. Well established PPI reclaim companies help hundreds of people claim back thousands of pounds. Enlisting the help of a claims management consultancy will ensure your PPI refund process is easy and stress free. Specialist PPI claim advisors have years of experience, ensuring their customers get the maximum compensation theyre entitled to. Simply fill in a quick and easy form online or call the claims management company direct. You will then receive a free, no obligation consultation with a friendly advisor, which can take place in the comfort of your own home, over the phone or via post.

Experienced claim handlers will then take care of everything and regularly inform you on how your claim is progressing. Specialist solicitors will keep your claim moving as quickly as possible and you will receive compensation far quicker than if you went through the process on your own.

Its important to make sure your chosen claims management company operates on a no win no fee basis, this way if your claim is unsuccessful you will not be charged any fees.

Contact a well established claims management company today and get back what youre rightfully owed.

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Brighten up your bedroom this summer with luxurious Sanderson be

Summer is fast approaching, so why not start the season in style and spruce up your bedroom with a fresh new look?

We all like our thick woollen blankets and deep coloured bedding and curtains to make our bedrooms feel warm and cosy in autumn and winter. However, during spring and summer, deep coloured bedding accessories and heavy, dark curtain sets can make bedrooms look dark and small. Throughout warmer months of the year, light weight, silky cotton bedding is much more comfortable than the thick woollen and fleece fabrics and high tog rated duvets which are desirable during cooler months.

Fresh mint green, aqua and baby blue coloured bedding is in fashion this spring/summer season, so why not treat yourself or a loved one and purchase the beautiful Sanderson blossom tree aqua duvet set with matching silk throw? This light green/blue design features beautiful embroidered blue blossom, adding a feminine touch to the stylish summer bedding set. For a contemporary feel, pair this bedding set with sparkly lime green and silver decorative cushions.

If youre looking for a bedding and curtain set this summer, the Sanderson Adele indigo blue set is the perfect option. This elegant design is ideal for adding a calm and relaxing feel to any bedroom. The Adele set features a fresh palette of light blue tones on a luxurious ivory background and its print is based on a unique late 19th century French fabric design. Sanderson Adele indigo blue curtains come in a wide range of sizes and are lined with high quality cotton, meaning they will keep your bedroom nice and warm during cooler nights. Co-ordinate this set with either a matching throw or silky cream cushions.

The Sanderson Lucia design is a must have bedding set for all girly bedrooms. The duvet cover features a beautiful bed of pretty embroidered pink lily stems and was inspired by the Sanderson painters garden collection. Pair this duvet set with a luxurious Sanderson sheets and matching boudoir cushion.

Other beautiful summer bedding designs include the Sanderson summer tree collection and paisley circles set. Sanderson bedding collections combine both contemporary and traditional designs, offering a unique style for your bedroom. All sets are printed on or woven from easy care cotton with high thread counts, ensuring all bedding is made with high quality fabrics that will continue to brighten up your bedroom year after year.

Start the summer season in style and order your Sanderson bedding set today.

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Do something different this lunchtime, book a 30 minute Cook, Ea

About Cook, Eat & Run

Cook, Eat and Run cooking workshops are new, hands on, unique classes designed to improve your culinary skills in just half an hour.

This fun and exciting experience costs just £15, and you will learn how to cook a delicious main course meal in a relaxed environment. All recipes taught in this class are designed for home cooking and will give you the confidence to be more creative in the kitchen.

Impress colleagues, family and friends with handy cooking tips and skills taught by top chefs in the industry. Cook, eat and run classes take place during lunchtimes, so theyre the ideal activity to take part in during your lunch hour.

Once youve cooked your meal, you can either have it packed up to take away or sit down in the cooking schools stylish, relaxing dining area and enjoy your meal with a glass of wine, followed by dessert. After completing your class, you can buy the high quality cooking utensils you have just used in the cookery school shop.

Get to know your work colleagues a little better with this quick and fun activity or organise an exciting outing with family or friends. By choosing a cookery school in a central London location, such as St Pauls or Oxford Circus, youll be able to enjoy a wide range of shops, bars and cafes before or after your cooking class.

Other Cooking Classes

If youve enjoyed the Cook, Eat and Run cooking class, why not book another class? In a 60 minute cooking class youll learn how to cook incredible two course recipes from all over the world. Classes are available evenings, weekends and on selected weekdays. For intermediate and frequent cooks, 90 minute Cook and Dine classes are the perfect option; participants learn how to cook delicious three course meals, including gastro pub classics, French favourites, Asian flavours and many other delicious dishes.

Give the Gift of Cooking

Want a unique gift for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, mothers or fathers day present? Gourmet gift cards are ideal presents for everyone, whether youre loved one is the next Masterchef winner or a complete beginner, cooking workshops are an activity the whole family can enjoy.

Arrange a fun, exciting activity and learn how to cook delicious meals with an interactive, hands on cookery class.

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Indoor go karting an activity like no other

If you are looking for an original birthday or corporate event, a fun activity for a stag or hen night, or you just want something to liven up a boring evening after work or something to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day, look no further than indoor go karting.

Indoor go karting has universal appeal for anyone craving excitement, a challenge, or just an original activity which can be spent with friends, family or colleagues. You are likely to have heard about go karting perhaps you even live near an indoor track (they are often in easy-to-reach locations, just a short drive from cities and towns). But what exactly is the appeal?

Go karting is an exhilarating experience like no other. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you race your friends, colleagues or family around a circuit based on the worlds leading racing tracks. Put your driving to the test with chicanes, hairpin turns, S-bends, a hump-back flyover and home-straights in a fun and friendly competition, and feel the rush of excitement as you approach the finish line with victory within your reach.

You dont need to be the worlds best driver to be an avid karter... you dont even need a licence! Kids from the age of 8 can enjoy junior go karting experiences, and the sport is popular amongst many adults; a world championship even exists. Indoor go karting is accessible and enjoyable to everyone, making planning an event a lot easier, particularly if you are planning something for a large group or an eclectic group with different interests.

For businesses, indoor go karting gives you the opportunity to give employees a fun reward for their work or impress and network business contacts in style. Indoor go karting tracks may come with the option to choose a corporate package, with branded advertising, group discounts, champagne for the winning teams and a hospitality room with refreshments and food. Show your business as a fun company with indoor go karting, and boost teamwork with a friendly competition by racing in teams.

Birthday and stag and hen do packages also give group discounts, and the option to add a game of laser tag for an additional exciting activity. And the best thing about indoor go karting? Its great in any weather. Plan a big corporate event, a stag or hen do or a birthday party without fear of the event being rained off at the last minute.

But you dont need a special occasion to enjoy indoor go karting. Track drive and track race experiences allow you to just turn up and experience the thrill, either on your own or with friends, with minimal planning. Still want to understand the appeal of indoor go karting? Book your place now and experience it for yourself!

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Carpet protection tape: Ideal for shielding your carpets against

If you are planning to renovate or refurbish your house to give it a new look, you might be in for a lot of work to ensure the protection of your existing carpets and upholstery if they are not something you want to change! Protecting furniture is easy as it does not require anything more than protective covers: you can even shift them to someplace else if you do not want to take any risk with them. But since fixed floor carpets cannot be removed easily, it becomes quite a task to shield them against damage from falling debris or dripping paint.

However, there is a simple solution to this problem; you can use a clear, reverse wound carpet protection tape. These tapes are easy to apply, easy to remove, and ideal for ensuring temporary protection of your expensive carpets during renovation or maintenance activities. Carpet fibres are susceptible to damage if not handled properly during such occasions. The protection tape sticks to the carpet by means of a special adhesive that makes it cling to the carpet, but prevents unwarranted damage to the carpet’s fibres. You can find more information on carpet protection tapes here.

Made of polyethylene, these tapes are quite tough while being stretchable. Acrylic adhesives are also used in making them as they offer excellent protection against soiling. They are ultra-safe as they have a good grip on shoes; you can avoid tripping, slipping or sliding on them. Also, given that renovation or any kind of maintenance calls for the use of electrical equipment, these tapes are also fashioned to be fire retardant. So, you can forget using trip hazards and dust sheets that absorb moisture and ruin your carpets. These tapes are strong and durable enough to protect your carpets during the entire period of renovation or reconstruction.

The protection tapes are a favourite among households as well as construction/repair workmen. Given that they are easily removable without leaving behind any sign or residue of the adhesive, your carpets remain clean and as good as they were before the work started. They can defend against all kinds of spills and paints, leaving your carpet free of any unwanted and unsightly stain marks. If your carpet is installed in the sunroom or any other place that might get direct sunlight during the reconstruction or maintenance work, you can opt for UV protected protection tapes. These tapes will prevent the fading of your carpets,’ while keeping it safe and secure.

It is also important to opt for high quality protection tapes. Ordinary or regular tapes may not last very long and may give in to heavy foot traffic during refurbishment work. Sometimes, you might have a specific need or requirement which might not be met by the standard set of products available. Extremely wide or narrow widths may call for custom built protection tapes. In that case, you can also order for bespoke widths and printed films, which can be made according to your requested specifications. There are a lot of companies which can do that for you.

These tapes are highly recommended not only during renovation or refurbishment, but during all sorts of work including plumbing jobs, electrical work, relocation, storage, house parties, etc. You invest a good amount of money on installing flooring and carpets in your home. But an unsightly stain, spill mark, or a small damaged spot can ruin its entire look and appeal, sometimes necessitating a complete change of the carpets. All these hassles are truly not worth it when you can completely avoid them! You should look for a service provider that can handle end to end operations for you, including selecting the right products, installing or applying them, and removing them when the work is over.

This post is written in association with Sticky Products, well-known manufacturers and suppliers of high quality industrial adhesive tapes, adhesives, sealants, lubricants, medical tapes, and medical consumables. They are based in North Lincolnshire and have over 50 years of experience in this domain.

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